The Fishing

Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi)

The fish so nice they named it twice. One of our most frequently caught fish, the Mahi is a breautiful acrobat with iridescent blue, green, and yellow. They’re caught year round in Hawaii but most are caught in the spring and fall. Average size is between 10-25 lbs but larger fish are caught with weights sometimes exceeding 50 lbs. Their flesh is a somewhat firm and flaky white meat and can be grilled, broiled, sauteed, or fried.

Wahoo (Ono)

Built like a torpedo, the Ono is one of the fastest fish in the world. Ono is a Hawaiian word meaning “delicious” and are typically caught April through October. They usually associate with banks, pinnacles, and flotsam and in Hawaii average 20-30 lbs but on rare occasion can exceed 100lbs. Their flesh is a flaky and delicate “white meat” with a mild and almost sweet flavor and can be grilled, broiled, sautéed, poached, or fried. Care should be taken not to overcook Ono or it tends to “dry out”.

Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi)

In Hawaii Ahi refers to two species, the yellowfin tuna and the bigeye tuna. Local custom calls any fish over 100 lbs and Ahi while anything under 100 lbs. we call koshibi. They are caught year round with the best months typically being March through October. The flesh of a good quality fish would be a beautiful ruby red and somewhat firm texture. Suggested preparations would be raw or seared but never overcook this one.

The Short-nosed spearfish (Hebi)

The coveted spearfish can be caught year-round in Hawaii and is considered one of the best eating of them all. The flesh is white to light pink in color and the fish average 25-40 lbs in weight. Excellent broiled, grilled, sautéed, or even raw.

Striped Marlin (Nairagi)

The “Stripey” has a slender bill, iridescent blue stripes and a high, pointed dorsal. Stripeys in Hawaii are caught year round but best November through June and average between 40 and 100 lbs but rarely seen over 130 lbs. The flesh is a light pink to orange-red. The orange-red are particularly desired in sushi markets. Can be broiled, grilled, sautéed, fried, smoked, or raw.

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is the top dog! Without a doubt, the baddest fish that swims. They are caught year round in Hawaii anywhere from a little over 100 lbs to well over 1000 lbs. The largest ever landed on rod and reel reel was caught in O’ahu, Hawaii on June 10, 1970 and weighed in at 1805 lbs. Some have the opinion that they are good table fare and can be broiled, grilled, smoked, or eaten raw. However, on the Nemesis, we take great care to try and release the healthy and let them live to fight another day. Even though it’s still legal to harvest them in Hawaii, we just feel it’s the right thing to do.

Skipjack Tuna (Aku)

This is “Charley” or the Starkist tuna when you think of tuna in the can. Average weight range is between 5 to 25 lbs with a few reaching 30 lbs. The meat is a deep red color and has the most pronounced taste of all Hawaii’s tunas. It’s the preferred fish for many ethnic dishes, especially poke and sashimi. Often times when caught there are many to be had and are a great fish but don’t be disappointed if we rig one up live and throw him back in the water because everything love to eat them.