The Captain

Captain Darrin ‘Dundee’ Auger caught his first fish at the age of two and kept it in his pocket for two days. Growing up in Destin, Fla. he started fishing offshore at the age of seven and by the age of twelve he was starting his professional career working as a second mate for the famous Captain Kelly Windes on the Sunrise. Also growing up a competitive surfer, he eventually followed his nose to Hawaii and has called the islands home ever since. Surfing the big winter surf in Hawaii and traveling the globe in search of waves during the summer months, Darrin would always fall back on his roots for income……fishing.

Now, with 28 years of experience in Hawaiian waters as well as chasing big fish from the east coast, gulf coast, Mexico/Central America, south Pacific all the way to the Indian ocean, Darrin has become an experienced world-class captain. He has several tournament wins and many placings to his credit and currently holds the Hawaiian record for most Blue marlin caught (6) in a half-day trip. Captain Darrin is an I.G.F.A. (International Game Fish Association) certified captain and also a member of the Billfish Foundation and is committed to the conservation of billfish. “On the Nemesis we practice ‘tag and release’ on Blue marlin and do our very best to get them boatside in a respectable time and then take the time to revive them which can be the difference between releasing a live or a dead fish. We want to let them go so they can live to fight again another day.